Build, Clean, and Rebuild in Visual Studio

In the .NET environment, the process of compiling source code into output files is called building. Two common ways of building are via an IDE, such as the Visual Studio IDE (or the recent Rider IDE from JetBrains), and via the command line using devenv.exe.

The Dreyfus Model and "It depends"

As a software developer, I’ve noticed that experienced developers will often start the answer a question directed at them with “It depends.”

Release With Less Stress

I’ve worked in places where software releases can be an event ridden with stress and anxiety. The cause of this stress comes from several sources, such as pressure to meet a release date, or an issue creeping up in production that was not caught during testing. I’d like to share with you a few steps that you can take to ensure that your release process is less stressful and not such a big deal.

Riffing About Stand-ups

I recently had an experience where my team’s stand-ups were taking almost half an hour to do. They should never go on that long. Thankfully, several people noticed, spoke up about it, and we as a team took steps to resolve the issue. This made me think about stand-ups. I figured, why not write a blog post about my stand-up thoughts and experiences?