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Do you have trouble recalling what you worked on the day before?

Lessons Learned From Giving My First Tech Talk

I recently gave a talk at the Philly XP meetup on how to use your version control data to find technical debt hotspots. It was the first tech talk that I had ever given. I’d like to talk about the process I used to come up with the talk, as well as some techniques for preparing to give the presentation.

Re - The One Benefit of Software Estimation

In a previous blog post of mine, I discussed the lone merit that software estimation has: making sure folks are on the same page in regard to understanding the complexity and scope of a story.

Common Git Aliases for Making You More Productive

As of late, I’ve been more mindful to identify areas in my workflow that I can make more efficient. If you find yourself doing repetitive tasks or tasks that take a long time, you should consider if there are ways to automate those tasks or make them take less time to complete.