Common Git Aliases for Making You More Productive

As of late, I’ve been more mindful to identify areas in my workflow that I can make more efficient. If you find yourself doing repetitive tasks or tasks that take a long time, you should consider if there are ways to automate those tasks or make them take less time to complete.

The One Benefit of Software Estimation

Software estimates are mostly a waste of time. Here are some observations I have made in my career that have driven me to this conclusion:

Build, Clean, and Rebuild in Visual Studio

In the .NET environment, the process of compiling source code into output files is called building. Two common ways of building are via an IDE, such as the Visual Studio IDE (or the recent Rider IDE from JetBrains), and via the command line using devenv.exe.

The Dreyfus Model and "It depends"

As a software developer, I’ve noticed that experienced developers will often start the answer a question directed at them with “It depends.”