Javascript - call() and apply()

When I first encountered the call() and apply() functions in Javascript, I had difficulty wrapping my head around how they worked. I also wasn’t really sure what practical purpose they served. I’m going to explain how these two functions work and what they are used for.

A Month With Python

Recently, I attended an exceptional philly.rb meetup where two talks were presented. One was on civic hacking and one was on language exploration. The talk on language exploration, titled “Make up your own ‘Hello, world!’”, inspired me to take a short-to-medium-term look into a new language.

Game Programming C# With XNA

Every year for the past few years, I’ve been going to PAX East, an annual video game convention in Boston. Every time, I get inspired to make video games, but never actually act on that inspiration. I don’t know if it’s due to A) a lack of original ideas, B) poor artistic skill, C) laziness, or D) all of the above.

Retrospectives - A Tool for Team Improvement

One way of improving a software development team is to regularly hold retrospectives (or ‘retros’ for short). A retrospective is an exercise where a team sets aside a timeboxed amount of time (typically one hour) and looks back on previous times, discussing what went well, what problems could have been avoided, and what could have been done better. Retrospectives are an opportunity to identify and discuss problems, as well as introduce ideas to make the team better. Retrospectives work best when performed in consistent intervals, whether it be every week, every month, or every project.